Opening Hours


Winter 2019 - 2020

Between November 2019 and April 2020, the course in Ofterschwang is only open for players with Year Tickets or groups of 10 persons or more booking in advance.

Companions of players with Year Tickets must write an SMS to Paul before entering the course. Payment should be given to the Season Ticket holder, who should pass payment on to Paul as soon as possible.

Any other players may use the Parcours only after telephone contact with Paul, prior to playing.

Playing the course without permission costs 100 Euro. Alternatively, a Season Ticket can be bought for 135 Euro.

Thank You for your Understanding!


Please Note:

The Disc Golf Park is located on mountain pastures and woodland. We therefore recommend the appropriate outdoor clothing - notably sturdy hiking boots. Long trousers may be more suitable for children.


Group Events with

Are great for developing the team spirit in your TEAM! Group Bookings can always be made in advance. Click here for group booikng infos:


Park Manager: Paul Davies: